BOHOL Island : A Paradise of Tranquility and Adventure

Bohol is just less than 2 hours of travel away from Cebu City through fast ferries and yet it took me a while to visit this beautiful island again. I have been to the place couple of years ago and promise to be back. I fell in love with the beach in Panglao Island. Words that came out from my mouth during that time was “wow, wow, wow” haha. Now I’m back in the island without really planning of doing so the soonest time. It happens that a friend from UK visited Cebu and wants me to go with him in Bohol so yeah I have to do it. Who wouldn’t want to go to Bohol anyway?

We started the day with a good breakfast by the beach. And yes a cup of coffee latte should always comes with it.


The beach is inviting me to swim. I can’t resist.


Right after our breakfast we head on to Carmen to check out the world’s famous chocolate hills.

It was my second time to visit the chocolate hills park but still it gives me goosebumps. I am still in awe with its amazing beauty and asked myself how in the world this over 1,000 of hills were perfectly formed spreading in the vast area of Carmen?



One of the best thing you need to do when in Carmen is the ATV (All-terrain vehicle) Ride. It costs 500 pesos for a 30-minute ATV ride with a local guide. Riding on ATV brought us to a new level of experience. You get to see the amazing hills on a different viewing perspective. Looking at them up close. We started the ride from a well- cemented road to a rocky-muddy road which over all gives us excitement, fun and adventure.




Right after our ATV ride we headed down to check out the Tarsier Sanctuary. Tarsier is one of the smallest known primates in the world. This tiny creature looks so adorable that makes me want to take  one of them home but nah way they are still classified as an endangered species.

You better follow this rule at all times.
the lazy tarsier LOL


On our way to Loboc River for lunch we passed by the 2 km stretch of man-made forest. It is a cold quite place where you can see a lot of tourist with their cars pulled-over and took some pictures and even posed in the middle of road. I even tried it but then I realized that its too risky as there are some cars just popping out (exaggerating it :D) from the blind curve . So if you plan to do so, better stay on the side and you can still get a great picture of the place.


A snap at the bamboo hanging bridge at Loboc River

And it was a sumptuous lunch (Filipino food) served at the Loboc River Cruise with a live performance of a local singer accompanied by guitar  playing some Frank Sinatra songs . The cruise runs more than an hour. Also more than an hour enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Loboc river where you can see some locals enjoying a bathe beside the river. The cruise will also stop in a small jetty where we witnessed some local dance performance.











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