Tan-awan Cangcuaay Private Beach Resort, Oslob, Cebu, PHILIPPPINES

I have always been chasing waterfalls with my friends. We’ve gone from North to South of Cebu just to explore different waterfalls, all with its own unique beauty. I was thrilled when my friend Miguel (@vivomigsgee) told me that our weekend getaway this time  will be in Oslob at Tan-awan Cangcuaay Private Beach and a visit to Tumalog Falls. These places has been on my bucket list and now the time has come to put a check mark on it. I will no longer be drooling to those beautiful pictures of the Cangcuaay Private Beach posted on Instagram as I can take my own pictures of it.

It was past 5 o’clock in the morning when we are able ride a bus from Cebu South Bust Terminal. As I seated, I glanced through the bus window pane and out into the street. The scenery is all too much the same but I have no complain.  The view of the Old Spanish Churches we pass by and the scenic ocean view never fails to amazed me of how beautiful Cebu is. It took us around 3 hours to reach the private beach. Every bus driver knows this place.

From the main road, we entered the gated private beach and leads us to a cemented stairs going down the cliff.


Few steps from the gate is the Private modern Villa that has an overlooking view of the beach.



We’ve reach the botton part of the cliff and this view greeted us. The cottages are made up of nipa hut which naturally blends with its area and environment.

Captured by Starmobile Knight Elite
Captured by Starmobile Knight Elite



Take the stairs going down to the beach and you will find a hammock where you can relax and just watch the waves crashing.

Photo by @thelakwatsero

Big rocks can be found offshore and makes the private beach very unique

Photo by @thelakwatsero
Captured by Starmobile Knighr Elite
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It is always wonderful to be with friends in an outdoor getaway. You just don’t want to end the day as every moment spent are just laughter and fun.

After spending half a day in this beautiful beach we then headed to Tumalog Falls. Chasing waterfalls has always been in our blood. LOL.

**Beach Resort Entrance Fee: 100 Pesos inclusive of the cottage

**Overnight Rate: 200 Pesos – you can sleep in the cottage or better bring a tent

**Bringing of food is allowed

Other Things to Do in Oslob:

  1. Swimming with the Whale Sharks
  2. Visit the Tumalog Falls
  3. Visit some old churches nearby

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Shoot! This/These place(s) are definitely goals XD


  2. This is a beautiful beach!


  3. This seems to be a perfect beach to visit. Awesome!


  4. Anonymous says:



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