The Unexpected Journey

This article was first published by The Unexpected Journey.


The Unexpected Journey is a new travel TV reality show (still brewing) sending ordinary people who have passion and dream to travel but can’t just go out because of limited resources. They will help these people achieve their ultimate dream travel destinations a realization that they’ve never expected. It is true that life is full of surprises and some surprises that you may not be able to contain. It always tell us to always dream and never stop dreaming to travel because who knows you might be the next person to be surprise.

“Top 5 destinations from someone who already lives in Paradise”

While browsing through travel photos on Instagram; mostly feeds from my beautiful country – the Philippines, I have come to realize that there are so many amazing places that I have never been to, just waiting for me to visit and indulge in their enormous wonder. Few of the places that are worth travelling to are the beautiful beaches and historical places in Cebu, where I live. The perfect cone shape Mount Mayon in Bicol, the world-renowned Boracay Island, Bohol’s Chocolate Hills with more than 1,268 grass-covered limestone domes and that are almost of the same height and shape, the majestic Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan City dubbed as the “City of Majestic Waterfalls” and the surfing mecca — Siargao Island, not to mention it’s unique pebble beach and powdery white sand beaches. There is just so much to do when you are living in a country that has 7,107 wonderful islands.

Many people get stuck on the same place because they think that travelling is expensive. Sometimes they need to look around their hometown, State or Country first and see what it has to offer. As of now, I am touring around Cebu Island (with 45 municipalities, all with their own unique places to see) together with my friends from Cebu’s Project Waterfall and I am just amazed of how many places there are worth visiting. I have gone to old Spanish churches that were built between 1500’s to 1900’s, I’ve swam with the whale sharks (local term butanding) in Oslob which is becoming a global tourist spot, I’ve sun bathed in the pristine white sand and the crystal clear water of the Virgin Island in Bantayan, swam in the ice-cold dark turquoise waters of the enchanted Cangkalanog Waterfall and tasted the famous Cebu’s lechon (roasted pig) as mentioned by the Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain in his show as “the best pig ever.”

With all the beauty in my own country and backyard, I still yearn for more. It’s still my greatest dream to travel around the world. Here are my top 5 destinations:

1) I would like to visit the ancient Buddhist temples — The Grand Palace and Wat Prakeaw in Bangkok, with their shining golden statues and to wander around the city at night and dine in the street with their exotic street food.

2) I would like to witness the holy bathing festivals like the Kumbh Mela and Chhat in India. I’d like to understand why these practices has been living since it began a hundreds of year ago.

3) Also, since I’ve been a beach lover my entire life, I can’t wait to go to the Bahamas. It will be exciting to swim in Harbour Island’s eye-catching pink beach resort and glide in high-speed slides at the Atlantis Paradise Island.

4) Spending my summer holiday in one of the romantic places in the world — Santorini, Greece would be an experience of a lifetime. To have a great dinner on the balcony of a white washed house in the island, while enjoying the grand sunset.

5) Also, a wild outdoor adventure in Dubai would be a great idea. Getting in the airplane and jumping out over the luxurious Palm Island, also known as the Great Palm Island; which is perhaps one of the most iconic places in Dubai.

All of these travel dreams would remain a mere dream if I don’t do something to achieve it. I always believe that you do not need to be rich to travel. While this is true, one had to still do things outside of your comfort zone when travelling. I’ve read articles about people travelling the world with just their backpacks and passports. They got free tickets online, hitchhiked, slept on the streets, or did couchsurfing and even get left over food from restaurants. Although I’m not sure I want to go through with some of their extreme methods to travel cheaply, I am willing to do whatever it takes.

My solution to this is to get a higher paying job. When I’m traveling, I’ve considered getting a job abroad to help with some of the expenses. Also, going to the countries that are less expensive to visit first is another idea. I might have a long way to go but at least a step towards that dream.

Our travel dreams may not be as difficult as it can be. You just have to put the work in.


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