Tan-awan Cangcuaay Private Beach Resort, Oslob, Cebu, PHILIPPPINES

I have always been chasing waterfalls with my friends. We’ve gone from North to South of Cebu just to explore different waterfalls, all with its own unique beauty. I was thrilled when my friend Miguel (@vivomigsgee) told me that our weekend getaway this time  will be in Oslob at Tan-awan Cangcuaay Private Beach and a visit to Tumalog…

The Unexpected Journey

This article was first published by The Unexpected Journey. http://unexpectedjourney.co/ Link: http://unexpectedjourney.co/top-5-destinations-from-someone-who-already-lives-in-paradise/ The Unexpected Journey is a new travel TV reality show (still brewing) sending ordinary people who have passion and dream to travel but can’t just go out because of limited resources. They will help these people achieve their ultimate dream travel destinations a realization that they’ve never expected….