Exploring Kabutungan Falls, Malabuyoc, Cebu, Philipppines

Last week I went on hiking to Osmeña peak then down to Tingko Beach in Alcoy. I guess I will always be a beach lover. Every time I plan on my next getaway I always find myself searching for nice beaches over the internet. Thanks to friend Elei for breaking my habit of not going to the beach this time (LOL)  instead we are going to check out some waterfalls in Malabuyoc and Alegria which is in the Southern part of Cebu.


Best things You will Encounter going to Kabutungan Falls.

1. The Ride. This is the first time I tried riding an 8-seater tricycle and perhaps only in the Philippines. Looking at this tricycle made me smile. IMG_20150517_074510 2. Mountain View. The view going to the falls already adds excitement on how spectacular it will be. IMG_20150517_082252 3. The Walkway.  Our first step in the cold flowing water is soothing after 3 hours seating in the bus and a little walk to the river bed. IMG_20150517_083537-01 4. Affordable Entrance Fee.  I guess the fee is reasonable to help maintain the structures and cleanliness in the area. IMG_20150517_085347 5. The Entrance — Lagoon. How do you like to have this kind of view when you get to the entrance? Take note, there’s still a couple of mini-waterfalls next to this before we can get to the grand Kabutungan Falls. IMG_20150517_114419-01 5. Mini Waterfalls. Oh yeah! This is what I’m talking about — one of the mini-waterfalls on our way to the grand waterfall. IMG_20150517_093212


6. Mini Lagoons. IMG_20150517_094613IMG_20150517_091117 8. Trekking Adventure. The falls is accessible by hiking and swimming is advised. Expect that you will be doing some trekking.There are some areas going to the main waterfall that may be difficult and stiff not unless you just dive into the water and get wet including your bag if you are bringing one. Too bad our bags are not waterproof so we cant just swim right away. This is the reason why I’m buying a waterproof bag soon. 🙂 IMG_20150517_090706 8. The Natural Waterslide. A must-try! We totally enjoyed the slide together with some local kids and of course with some friends. For a moment we became like kids playing around. IMG_20150517_111550[1] 7. The Grand Entrance of Kabutungan Falls. IMG_20150517_095536-01 8. Behold the Kabutungan Falls. The falls is just stunning with its deep blue-green cold water that you just want to swim the entire day. IMG_20150517_101836-01 9. Above all best — US! haha Sorry it’s blurry but the memories we had there is very clear that it remains in my head and telling me to go back there. 🙂 IMG_20150517_094014-01-01


**Ride a bus from the Cebu South Bus Terminal to Malabuyoc. Bus fare is php150. Tell the bus driver to drop you off in Malabuyoc Church.

**From Malabuyoc Church you can find motorcycles that can take you to Kabutungan falls and the fare is only Php10. It will take around 15 minutes to reach place where you start a little walk. You need to go down to the river bed and take a walk for about 20 minutes to reach the falls. There are houses near the river so you can ask the locals which way to take. You also have option to walk through the river and follow where the water is coming from since its not that deep and for more fun and adventure.

ENTRANCE FEE : Php 10 -Adults // Php5


Please wear shoes or sandals that is good for trekking. It will take you time for you to get to the  falls and the way going there is stiff and at times you need to submerge into the water. I also suggest that you bring a waterproof bag (Dry Bag) so its easy for you to walk trough the river without worrying that your belongings inside your bag will get wet.

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  1. Anonymous says:



  2. jamy says:

    Hi sir! how difficult is the way going to the main falls?
    Is it a safe place to visit if ako lang mag.anha?


    1. Hi Jamy i strongly suggest you bring someone with you for your safety and since the place is not that crowded.. I’ll update my blog within this week for more info 🙂


  3. What an amazing place! Will visit here soon!

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  4. Anonymous says:

    is there any life vests for rent there, for those who are not really good in swimming?


    1. None.the place is not that commercialized 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. iamjen says:

        ahw noh, 😦 thank you island boy 🙂 last nalang, is it too deep or naa ray part nah carry lang sa mga not swimmer like me 🙂


        1. there’s a deep part ..naa sab dili. if you cant swim then don’t go sa deep haha 😀

          Liked by 1 person

    2. amir says:

      Hi! I just recently discovered this beauty and they do have vest for rent 30 php. look for kuya ” ta ta” he was my guide, an amazing guide! cheers


  5. Jai says:

    Idol ni naku bah. Dad.a nia ko diri bai. hehehe


    1. waah na busy jud idol now pa ka open balik 😦


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